20th May 2024

Voile Spotlight

Voile Spotlight

Here at Home Curtains we offer a huge range of voile in different options and qualities. We have outlined the differences here...

Brise Brise Voile 

This is part of our luxury voile range, heavily embroidered from Europe. Its on small rolls as a single piece usually approximately 20m wide. Its complete with a slotted top, and we would recommend side hems for a premium look, but its not vital. The lead of this pack is the Vienna Embroidered Voile, available in White and by popular demand Cream also. 



Following closely in second place is lead weighted Cheshire plain voile, Lulu plain voile with an envelope hem and stunning ladder stitch. Runners up are Isla all over cotton embroidery on a textured ground, and Eden with beautiful broderie anglaise detail.  

Open Top Voile 

Luxury European Voile from our exclusive Made to Measure range, available mainly in 290cm - 300cm drop with approx. 25m on a roll. They are just the fabric rolls, no slotted top, so you can custom make it as per your requirements.  The best performer here is the Ava Macrame Voile, and its easy to see why when the heavyweight macrame is so striking. The Natural, Grey and White are best in that order. 

Other best sellers include Sofia, with her delicate floral detailing in muted naturals.   

And Crystal Faux Silk - a more dense voile, with a slubby faux silk texture. 

Ready Made Voile Panels

Our high quality ready made voile panels come from water jet looms in our mills in East Asia.  Complete with a slotted top ready to hang on a rod or wire, panels come in retail packs with images, and best sellers include the vibrant Pride Voile followed closely by AylaLarissa Macrame detailed panel.




Our plain dyed range is plain bagged for maximum competitive pricing on a commodity product. The best selling colours are WhiteCreamBlack and Latte

Slot Top Panels

Don't miss our pencil pleat voile set Tiffany, which is a great seller, and comes as a complete window set. That's two 3" taped panels (one pair) plus a pair of lace macrame tiebacks. 


We hope you have found this useful, please get in touch with our sales team on 01623 446160 if we can help you further.