14th Jun 2023

Sustainability update

Sustainability update

Our supply chain is managed from conception, to the delivery of product to the end user, allowing us to ensure the highest and most sustainable standards are met from the very start to finish.

We continue to explore new production technology, and strive to reduce our carbon footprint. We already have introduced recycled linings into some of our ranges, and we have a fully recycled polyester velour. All of our  hollowfibre in the thermal linings is 100% recycled and our blackout is not coated or manufactured with harsh chemicals. Our Global Recycled Standard accredited partners ensure they have efficient water treatment and control of their energy consumption. They do not use chemicals during the industrial process. They respect social ethics, use a percentage of recycled materials (pre and post consumer), and have complete traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Many of our ranges are dope dyed, which is an efficient and innovative dye process aimed at reducing the environmental footprint. Yarns used to weave the fabrics are created by adding dyes directly during the yarn spinning process, thus reducing energy and water consumption and eliminating waste. This results in excellent colour fastness properties of the fabric, which withstands multiple washes and resists UV fading so the fabric benefits from increased durability.

Curtains are not something the consumer tends to change very regularly, so not only is it important that during the manufacturing process their environmental footprint is kept to a minimum, they should last for many many years for the end user.  Our products are tested for colourfastness to washing, rubbing and UV light, they are tested to ensure the correct washing instructions are advised. There is no reason why, when a room or décor is changed, the curtains cannot be passed on to new home, they are built to last.